Who is Monsieur Butterfly?

Monsieur Butterfly is the culminating of the tale of two friends, Charles and Augustin, who joined forces in 2017 to take on the original challenge of creating brooches and bow ties with real butterflies.

 "All our friends were getting married, and each time I found myself looking for the touch of elegance brought by a bow tie; sometimes in silk, sometimes in wood or even sometimes in ‘super-size’ format. I decided I needed something new yet maintaining the same level of sophistication. ‘Bow tie’ translating to ‘butterfly knot’ in French was my source of inspiration” recalls Charles.

"We were very surprised this product didn't exist, but when we interviewed craftsmen about the use of resin, we understood why. It had, in fact, already been tried but had been considered impossible to make", confides Augustin. Indeed, butterfly wings are so thin and fragile that they cannot be placed under resin without prior preparation.

This is how the Monsieur Butterfly adventure began: first on a corner table in Brittany, then in a workbench in Normandy and finally in a workshop in Paris. It took more than two years of research and experimentation to find the best formula: each brooch and each bow tie is entirely handmade, from the preparation and setting of the butterfly all the way through to the sewing and the final assembly.

It is through both the passion and meticulous care that is brought to each of our creations that we reached today's result: resilient brooches and bow ties showcasing butterflies that have kept all their original brilliance and splendour!


And... why "Monsieur Butterfly"?

Passionate about opera, Charles and Augustin wanted to link each brooch and bow tie to a piece. Indeed, the pure beauty of butterflies, their natural elegance and timelessness echo the masterpieces of the operatic repertoire. 
This is why "Monsieur Butterfly" pays homage to "Madama Butterfly", a sublime opera by Giacomo Puccini; you will find more information about the opera whose name it bears in the booklet accompanying each product!


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