L'�n�e - Monsieur Butterfly
L'�n�e - Monsieur Butterfly
L'�n�e - Monsieur Butterfly

The Énée

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The Énée is a bow tie handmade in Paris (France), showcasing the Charaxes Brutus butterfly mounted on an Egyptian cotton necklace.

Approximate dimensions

Height: 7 cm
Width: 8 cm

Charaxes Brutus in a few words

Charaxes Brutus belongs to the largest family of day butterflies, the Nymphalidae, which, although medium in size, are often extremely colourful! Within this family are specimens known to all: the Monarch, famous for its migratory flights in North America, the iridescent blue Morpho, or the Azure Sylvain present in the French forests.

Charaxes Brutus lives in African tropical forests, and is often seen in the canopy of densely forested areas. Despite its short life expectancy, it is a robust butterfly that can reach top flight speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour and can withstand the high winds and tropical rains of these regions.

The caterpillar of Charaxes Brutus has an astonishingly smooth head and four erect horns. It feeds on economically important tropical wood species such as Cape ash, and is often considered an agricultural pest.

Where does Charaxes Brutus live?

Charaxes Brutus can be seen over a large part of the African continent.

As our pieces use real butterflies, the dimensions mentioned can only be indicative, although we select butterflies as close as possible to these dimensions.