About our Butterflies

About our butterflies


Monsieur Butterfly is working hard to put butterflies back in the spotlight. Indeed, like bees, butterflies play a crucial role in maintaining the biodiversity that surrounds us. Unfortunately, their numbers are declining and we wish to participate in their preservation, which is essential for both their, and our own, future.


 Origin and provenance of our butterflies


Monsieur Butterfly is constantly looking for new suppliers that will allow him to propose new products while respecting his values of environmental protection. All our butterflies come from carefully selected farms or specialists. For example, the Urania Ripheus, used for the Rigoletto bow tie, are supplied to us by a farm located in Madagascar, from where it originates. Lalatiana and her husband Alain have been breeding butterflies since 2015. Such is their commitment to releasing butterflies back into the wild the Malagasy government has formally sanctioned their practice. 

Some specimens are also provided to us by professional entomologists, subject to strict regulations in terms of species import.


Working with vetted specialist farmers allows us to bring them a real source of income by safeguarding the butterflies and their habitat. This prevents them from moving towards other projects such as intensive plantations and thus deforestation. Tropical insects are important members of these fragile ecosystems. The more their natural habitat is reduced, the more their survival is threatened; everything must be done to preserve them.


It goes without saying that the butterflies used by Monsieur Butterfly are in no way protected species. Indeed, the beauty of a butterfly is not linked to its rarity: we exclusively select common butterflies, not classified in the CITES (or Washington Convention) which is the reference in terms of repertoire of protected animals.




Monsieur Butterfly is committed to the development of native French species and we donate 10% of our profits to associations or vetted specialist farmers involved in the protection and re-population of butterflies in the French countryside. These funds will allow the release of butterflies into the wild, the installation of shelters for butterflies and caterpillars, or the planting of Buddleias, also known as "butterfly trees“, to name but a few examples.


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